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Voice Calls

Keep informed and interact with your customers by sending them a Voice Call through Broadcaster

Voz Broadcaster

Voice Calls

Distribute prerecorded and personalized calls to your contact database automatically and effectively through Broadcaster.

It is very useful to implement mass marketing campaigns, collections, surveys, telemarketing and many others using pre-recorded messages and without the intervention of human resources.

Broadcaster is the number 1 platform in Voice calls. It includes easy-to-use and agile tools to upload your contact databases, send your messages and a complete report system.

Interfaz Broadcaster

Features of our service:

  • Loading contact database.
  • Massive and personalized delivery.
  • Delivery schedule.
  • Text to speech (text 2 speech).
  • Real time reports.
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Simple, intuitive and self-manageable web interface.


text to speech broadcaster | Texto a voz

Text to Voice

Convert text to phone calls.

Communicate with your customers in a massive and personalized way..

texto a voz
llamadas automatizadas

Automated calls from written texts

Write your texts and customize them with the fields you want from your database. The Broadcaster platform will be responsible for converting your texts to voice and send voice messages automatically. It's that easy and fast.

llamadas automatizadas

Personalize your voice messages

Audio or voiceovers are fully customizable with any data or field in your contact database.

llamadas automatizadas

Different languages, voices and accents.

Generate your audios or voiceovers in different languages ​​and accents both in male and female voice.

llamadas automatizadas

Listen to your voice message before sending it.

Generate and listen to your voice message before being sent. This way you will have the certainty that your voice message is well done.

llamadas automatizadas

Send your own audio

With Broadcaster you can generate your voice messages with your own audio files. Just upload your file to the platform and the system will send the voice message. That easy.

llamadas automatizadas

Delivery schedule

Program when you want to send your voice messages. Just set the dates and retry policies. So nobody will receive calls at inappropriate times.

llamadas automatizadas

Reports and statistics

Get valuable detailed reports for optimal and effective management of your campaigns.

Use Examples

The ideas of use are endless. Connect with your customers now.

  • Appointment reminder
  • Telephone collection services.
  • Order delivery notices
  • Promotion of new products and services.
  • Customer service
  • Surveys
  • Invitation
  • And much more

You choose how you want to connect

Connect in the way that best suits your needs. We offer you several ways to connect, from our amazing APIs, powerful SMSCs, to our robust and complete web portal.



Portal web

Web Portal`s

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